Santa Monica’s Achilles Heel

Our expansive beaches largely define Santa Monica. How might our community be impacted, both financially and otherwise, should this vital asset disappear beneath the waves? Ironically, what makes our city so unique, may also be its undoing. As the earth warms, and sea levels rise, our city is becoming increasingly vulnerable to the ocean’s periodic … Continue reading Santa Monica’s Achilles Heel


Hot Enough for You?

While surviving the latest heat wave, now’s a good time to consider the big picture of our over-heated planet. We humans live comfortably in a very narrow temperature range and the world’s population (and most plants) cannot evolve their high temperature tolerance fast enough to compensate for the stress of increasing global warming. When temperatures … Continue reading Hot Enough for You?

5 ways Santa Monica must prepare for rising sea levels

Three weeks ago Dr. David Revell gave a presentation outlining what sea level rise might mean for Santa Monica. With the usual disclaimers about the uncertainty of all predictive modeling, he suggested that oceanographers are predicting for Santa Monica Bay a 2- to 5-foot rise by the year 2100. This range is not unusual since … Continue reading 5 ways Santa Monica must prepare for rising sea levels