A Treemendous Victory

…was how Jerry Rubin, Santa Monica’s own professional positivist, described Monday night’s down to the wire Landmark Commission vote to landmark the huge Sycamore at 1122 California Ave., near the intersection of 12th Street and California. In fact it was a great victory for the entire city, as trees are rarely accorded the respect that … Continue reading A Treemendous Victory

Respecting History or the Wrecking Ball

Today our city is a built out metropolis with almost no vacant lots. However, if you came here 100 years ago, Santa Monica was mostly open fields. In fact the built out edge of the City had only reached about 11th Street with flat dusty open spaces continuing all the way east to the brand … Continue reading Respecting History or the Wrecking Ball


Santa Monica has had a long history of fighting to preserve its architectural heritage in the face of the innumerable pressures that threaten to destroy our architectural past. From the Chain Reaction Sculpture to the Civic Center Auditorium, from the Shotgun House to The Santa Monica Pier, these are all structures that are still with … Continue reading OUR NEXT HISTORIC DISTRICT

A Six Pack of City Defining Areas

In our built out City, there are six significant areas of land whose eventual development will have an inordinate impact on the future of our City. Development of these areas, if left to today’s “market forces” without considering the big picture. may result in in an irretrievably lost opportunity that could distort our City for … Continue reading A Six Pack of City Defining Areas

The Magic of Adaptive Reuse

Just like your body, the urban fabric is continually renewing itself: buildings are continually torn down and new ones erected in their place in response to economic, demographic and political factors. But some parts of your body, such as adult teeth, need to last a lifetime. Likewise certain buildings should last the lifetime of a … Continue reading The Magic of Adaptive Reuse