ARB (All Ready to Build?)

Santa Monica City’s Architectural Review Board (ARB), established in 1974, acts “to preserve existing areas of natural beauty, cultural importance and assure that buildings, structures, signs or other developments are in good taste, good design, harmonious with surrounding developments, and in general contribute to the preservation of Santa Monica’s reputation as a place of beauty, … Continue reading ARB (All Ready to Build?)

Simply Too Many People? (Part 1)

In this two part article SM.a.r.t. (Santa Monica architects for a responsible tomorrow) takes on the thorny issue of the optimum Santa Monica population. When we look ahead at the population of Santa Monica, there are conflicting views of how many people should live, work and visit here. Some people believe we have already crossed … Continue reading Simply Too Many People? (Part 1)

Santa Monica: A Friendly City for All, Especially the Most Vulnerable

Many residents in this city are forced to deal with a daily reality: the difficult interaction with the city’s man-made environment because of poor planning, inconsiderate design and weak communications. Examples range from parking structure signs on Fourth Street blocking the view of on-coming traffic, to well-known problems with the bus benches – a problem … Continue reading Santa Monica: A Friendly City for All, Especially the Most Vulnerable

Reclaiming Our Civic & Architectural Culture

Both our country and city are at crossroads.  Both are also facing similar challenges. Locally, our Santa Monica environment is changing rapidly before our eyes?  As we approach elections, we are spending a considerable amount of time considering divergent points of view.  During this time, I invariably come back to a basic thesis – allowing … Continue reading Reclaiming Our Civic & Architectural Culture