Big versus Small

The story of the small taking down the big is an old one we are all familiar with: think David and Goliath. The modern version might by the low-paid, long-hour worker of China taking down the U.S. industrial behemoth. In that case, the U.S. consumer benefits with low prices but the American manufacturing workers lose … Continue reading Big versus Small


Commercial Dinosaurs or Visionary Rebirth

In the economic downturn of the early 1990s, I was asked to help craft a Q&A video to be aired on public television regarding the demise of suburban shopping centers. My extensive background in urban design and planning came in quite handy. They wanted my thoughts on the repurposing of these structures. I believed then … Continue reading Commercial Dinosaurs or Visionary Rebirth

Simply Too Many People? (Part 2)

Before deciding an optimum population for our city, which is the second most densest California coastal city, we should take in a larger context. Most people would agree that space ship earth has too many people today and the aspirations of those billions for a humane life can only be met (and barely) if we … Continue reading Simply Too Many People? (Part 2)

Simply Too Many People? (Part 1)

In this two part article SM.a.r.t. (Santa Monica architects for a responsible tomorrow) takes on the thorny issue of the optimum Santa Monica population. When we look ahead at the population of Santa Monica, there are conflicting views of how many people should live, work and visit here. Some people believe we have already crossed … Continue reading Simply Too Many People? (Part 1)

Sacramento Tries to Nuke Santa Monica (Again)

When it first appeared it was almost a joke, some kind of bizarre nightmare; a State senator from San Francisco recently introduced legislation to encourage new housing production throughout the state. SB-827 would do away with all zoning restrictions within a half-mile of a train station, a quarter-mile of a frequent bus route, and a … Continue reading Sacramento Tries to Nuke Santa Monica (Again)

Dangers of Wishing Upon a “Star-chitect”

This coming Thursday, January 11, there is a community meeting regarding a project that could have a major impact on Santa Monica’s future. As an involved group of architects, planners, and city commissioners, we feel this project, as designed, is not necessarily one that will be beneficial for our city or its citizens. A few … Continue reading Dangers of Wishing Upon a “Star-chitect”

Santa Monica’s Early Adoption of Solar Ordinance is a “Shady Deal” for Residents

If you are considering a major remodel, or building a new home this year, you should prepare yourself for additional costs. Although the State has mandated that all new residences in California must be “Net Zero” by 2020, Santa Monica’s City Council has voted to move this deadline up by two years to 2018. To … Continue reading Santa Monica’s Early Adoption of Solar Ordinance is a “Shady Deal” for Residents