Giving Thanks

Members of SMa.r.t. pitched in to list their thoughts this Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful that, living here in Ocean Park, I can still take a short walk to, and along the water’s edge on the beach, and look out to forever amidst the usual blue skies and sunshine. And, I’m thankful that, unlike our new urbanized and grossly dense downtown, I can still do that without having to walk thru sky obscuring canyons of cookie cutter 7 and 8 story mixed use buildings that bring nothing but congestion, traffic, and other issues that keep most of the local residents from any longer spending time there. I’m grateful that, living in Ocean Park, I know I still live in what is left of our beach front community. And I’m thankful for the numbers of residents that are very concerned about the degree of over-development that our City administrators have allowed, and championed, and that they are unified in working together to stop them from further destruction of our unique beach front town.”

“I’m thankful for the following new Santa Monica improvements:

1.The new Civic Center multi purpose playing field.
2. The City’s shift to renewable electricity sources as its default power supply
3. New 3 story mixed use buildings everywhere in the City.
4. The increasing number of electric cars and chargers in the City.
5. The passage of proposition HH
6. Landmarking of the Fourth Street Historical District
7. The upcoming 17th Street separated bikeway
8. Opening the new Santa Monica College Administration building
9. That Fred Deni’s Back on Broadway Restaurant gave us 38 years of great service before closing this year however
10. Chez Jay just celebrated its 60th anniversary”

“Thankful we can still see sunlight and blue skies along our streets and only hope this continues to remain true.
Thankful for the courtyard apartments I walk past every morning with their sense of scale and warmth of landscape.
Thankful for the Montana Avenue environment I live in but fearful of the lack of lighting at the intersection at nite.
Will be thankful when putting an end to scooters and bicycles taking over our sidewalks.
Thankful for the “promenade” whose heart still beats but fearful for how much longer.
Will be Thankful for the tourism and traffic not increasing beyond what it is. And thankful for our residents demanding a public park in the center of our downtown instead of a giant public nuisance.
And will be thankful for a city council which will represent each district and not controlled by development interests.
And will be most thankful when our city council wakes up, takes note, and begins listening to the residents they represent.
And finally most thankful when our wives and girlfriends stop nagging us about spending too much time nagging our city government.”

“I am thankful for the Palisades Park which provides a beautiful place to walk as well as its fabulous ocean vistas and sunsets. Further, the park is a natural barrier separating my residential area and downtown from the direct effects of sea rise due to global warming.
Thankful for rent control as it has allowed me to live in this area till now.
Thankful for the free E-car charging stations which the city has so thoughtfully placed nearby and into which my new Prius Prime has been plugged.
Thankful for the mostly mild weather.
Thankful for the proximity and accessibility the city has afforded me to the cultural assets it provides as well as those of this Los Angeles region.
Thankful for the quality of its residents as they are generally good citizens, thoughtful and informed if not active in there community.
Thankful for the substantial time I have enjoyed living here.”

“I give thanks for my grandparents journey from New York City to Santa Monica in the mid 1920’s. I’m happy that they settled here, my mother was born here and has stayed here.
I give thanks for the thousands of longtime Santa Monica residents whom I have been fortunate to know and collaborate with.
I give thanks for the activists in our town. Those residents. who value our history, our shared heritage and want to preserve our beachside ambience in spite of tremendous development pressure.
I give thanks for those of us who value our city’s natural attributes. Our parks, our beaches, our ocean breezes, and sunlight. Thank you to all of you who fight for open space, our true key to wellness.
I give thanks for our public safety officers. Our fire and police units are faced with a daunting task each day as our city’s density continues to swell.
I give thanks for the many residents who share my vision of Santa Monica. A low rise, safe community whose end result is not a city of high rises that blend into Los Angeles.
I give thanks for the diversity of our city’s population when I was young. Both the economic and racial diversity of Santa Monica were something to be proud of. I’m sad that the diversity of our town appears to be unsustainable.
I give thanks for those with common sense who know that much of our city’s government is not working for residents, want positive community change and are ready and willing to stand up to the power of city hall.
I give thanks for the many volunteers who give their time and money to keep the fabric and thread of our community intact. I have to single out the Kiwanis, Elks, Lions, and Breakfast Club for special thanks. But all those who volunteer for every cause are worthy of a hearty Thank You.
I give thanks that I have been able to spend almost half of my life volunteering in Santa Monica and throughout our state. Each day I spend volunteering grants me far more than I will ever be able to pay children, teens, seniors, and those in need.
I give thanks for our schools and the many fine alumni that are products of Santa Monica’s public schools and college.
I give thanks for all of you, the fabric and thread of Santa Monica.”

Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow: Thane Roberts, Architect, Robert H. Taylor AIA, Daniel Jansenson Architect, Building and Fire Life-Safety Commission, Ron Goldman FAIA, Samuel Tolkin Architect, Mario Fonda-Bonardi AIA, Planning Commissioner, Phil Brock, Arts Commissioner