Where is the there, there?

Why I never/seldom go downtown and never really want to go there. What is downtown for me, a resident of Ocean Park? The Apple store. Maybe. What else is there? Barnes & Noble is said to be leaving, though a new/used bookstore has just opened near 2nd Street. Otherwise, just the same national chains rattling … Continue reading Where is the there, there?


Back to the future

Does our City have a vision for its future? Do the current policies of our City Council, as Mr. Cole suggests, “creatively shape the tides of history” for our small beach town. Is it true that we are using “economic, demographic and technological forces… to maximize public wellbeing and minimize the adverse impacts on people … Continue reading Back to the future


Santa Monica has had a long history of fighting to preserve its architectural heritage in the face of the innumerable pressures that threaten to destroy our architectural past. From the Chain Reaction Sculpture to the Civic Center Auditorium, from the Shotgun House to The Santa Monica Pier, these are all structures that are still with … Continue reading OUR NEXT HISTORIC DISTRICT