Reinforcing the Future, part 2

New rules in Santa Monica will soon require many older buildings to be inspected, and then reinforced to make them less vulnerable to earthquakes. The City has compiled a list of about 2,400 buildings that may require reinforcing. About half of these are two- and three-story apartment buildings, and many of those are mom-and-pop properties … Continue reading Reinforcing the Future, part 2


Reinforcing the Future, part 1

Hidden in thousands of corners in buildings around the city, vulnerable bolts, screws and welded joints lie in silence, covered in layers of paint, stucco and wood siding, awaiting the next earthquake. The 1994 Northridge quake exposed our city’s vulnerability to unexpected ground shaking: hundreds of buildings in the city were damaged, and many thousands … Continue reading Reinforcing the Future, part 1

Even More Wishes!

We began the new-year with a list of wishes for the betterment of our community. Today, we follow up with another layer of suggestions for an improved Santa Monica. Let’s police and protect Palisades Park. Recently while walking through that park’s southernmost three blocks we passed twenty-three park visitors actively smoking. A break dancing troupe … Continue reading Even More Wishes!