A Thankful City

2016 gave Santa Monica a lot to be thankful for. SMa.r.t. (Santa Monica Architects for a responsible tomorrow) would like to highlight those we feel are particularly praise worthy. First, the important improvements in mobility were especially gratifying since they provided something for everyone. Pedestrians got the glam Esplanade (squiggly paving and all) and the … Continue reading A Thankful City



Earlier this week, CBS2 Los Angeles aired an investigative story on the municipal salaries in Santa Monica. They labeled the story “Small Town, Big Pay”. It included alarming information about the City of Santa Monica’s pay structure for its employees. You can watch the story via CBS Los Angeles. This information may be disturbing to … Continue reading THE CITY THAT ATE ITS TAXPAYERS

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities Santa Monica is two cities, one of 94,000 residents and another of 175,000 tourists, students, and employees, and increasing yearly. It consists of 5 basic industries - the tourism industry (3,500 existing hotel rooms with another 1,150 pending approval), expanding medical (UCLA & St. John’s – UCLA owns 20 properties … Continue reading A Tale of Two Cities