Santa Monica’s Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri listed the sins of man in the first part of his epic poem, “Divine Comedy”. There were nine circles of suffering detailed by Dante in the first chapter, or allegory, of this poem, which is titled “The Inferno”. In ancient Christianity the seven deadly sins include Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride and … Continue reading Santa Monica’s Divine Comedy


The Alchemy Of Greed

Our City is experiencing an identity crisis fueled by gluttony. The powers in the City of Santa Monica have apparently decided that bigger is better and that that this “bigger” needs to be fueled constantly by more…more development, taller and denser buildings, structures that are out-of-scale with our town…more people…more tourists…more workers…more residents. Just More. … Continue reading The Alchemy Of Greed

When it Rains it Pours (Money), part 2

  In last week’s article we noted the large sums of money attracted by several proposed local measures. In addition to the measure mentioned last week, several others have attracted large contributions. Supporters of Measure GSH, a tax to help build affordable housing and schools, have amassed a war chest of between $130,000- $150,000. Supporters … Continue reading When it Rains it Pours (Money), part 2

When it Rains (Money) it Pours

California’s governor just signed a new campaign-finance law authored by Senator Ben Allen, of Santa Monica. The law removes the prohibition on public financing of political campaigns in many places around the state. These places include general law cities such as Malibu, El Segundo and Beverly Hills. General law cities are governed by the state’s … Continue reading When it Rains (Money) it Pours