All Aboard The Expo Line!

As you read this, our train has arrived. After years of anticipation (and some dread), the Expo Line of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has reached close enough to the Pacific Ocean for a conductor to be wary of a high surf advisory. Yes, our train has arrived and with it comes a … Continue reading All Aboard The Expo Line!


What’s It All About…Santa Monica?

When you sort it out, Are we meant to take more than we give What IS it all about? Is the divisiveness that permeates our world, our nation, and our beach town, merely philosophical differences, something territorial, or just people wanting and taking more? Whatever the reason, it is clear that divisiveness and friction seem … Continue reading What’s It All About…Santa Monica?

5 ways Santa Monica must prepare for rising sea levels

Three weeks ago Dr. David Revell gave a presentation outlining what sea level rise might mean for Santa Monica. With the usual disclaimers about the uncertainty of all predictive modeling, he suggested that oceanographers are predicting for Santa Monica Bay a 2- to 5-foot rise by the year 2100. This range is not unusual since … Continue reading 5 ways Santa Monica must prepare for rising sea levels