City of LUVE

“Think about the places that you remember fondly visiting, I think you and discerning visitors from all over this country and all over this world, actually prefer places that retain a sense of place, that boast a unique identity, that retain their local flavor, that nurture their authenticity, that emphasize their cultural and artistic richness … Continue reading City of LUVE


The Truth Squad

We'd like to set the record straight. We’ve all seen a lot of hyperbole over the past two weeks about the Land Use Voter Empowerment initiative. We’ve read the doomsday scenarios. They say it would be a disaster somewhere akin to the sinking of the Titanic and the explosion of the Hindenburg. Our economy would … Continue reading The Truth Squad

What’s missing from Santa Monica’s downtown plan

There are two different visions for our downtown. Do we want to be a densely populated urban place, a smaller Downtown Los Angeles simply adjacent to a beach, or remain part of the beach and ocean environment? What is currently happening in our city has the potential to change forever the “character” that is Santa … Continue reading What’s missing from Santa Monica’s downtown plan