Romancing Santa Monica

It’s not enough for a city to provide its residents mobility, affordable housing, places of worship or profitable businesses. These are essential but minimal standards. Our City should also feed our highest aspirations which are among others and in no particular order: to have a childhood, to be in love, to engage in lifelong learning, … Continue reading Romancing Santa Monica


A Field of Dreams…on Fire!

On Tuesday, February 9th our City Council will receive a report from the appointed members of the Civic Working Group. It is the culmination of over 18 months of volunteer effort by nine community members. Representatives of four city commissions, a representative from the adjacent neighborhood and four at-large members were chosen to be part … Continue reading A Field of Dreams…on Fire!

10 ways to solve Santa Monica’s transportation challenges

Our City is blessed with an array of transportation options, perhaps the envy of any small city in this state and in the country. Our system has worked well for us to a great extent until recent years. The Santa Monica grid road system is simple and easy for drivers, bikers and pedestrians to understand. … Continue reading 10 ways to solve Santa Monica’s transportation challenges