Infrastructure and continuing challenges in Santa Monica

Late this morning, this writer arrived at a bus stop at 17th Street and Montana Avenue, intending to travel to downtown Santa Monica. The bus stop contains no printed bus schedule, but a customer service number is provided, which includes an automated arrival information service. The recording asks for the stop’s four-digit number, but it … Continue reading Infrastructure and continuing challenges in Santa Monica


Lincoln Unchained

Lincoln. A name associated with freedom. Lincoln Blvd., a street known as “Stinkin’ Lincoln", stuck in traffic that makes one think of anything but freedom as one sits trapped, slow moving amidst a fairly worn streetscape. Lincoln sees some 50,000 vehicles daily between the 10 Freeway and Rose Avenue. As the majority of visitors arrive … Continue reading Lincoln Unchained

A Richly Diverse Life, and City

Anybody wanting to live in Santa Monica today has a limited number of housing types from which to choose. One could purchase a single-family home or a condominium, or rent an apartment (or condo). But there are many more ways in which people live communally. Multigenerational family homes are now more common, and the desire by … Continue reading A Richly Diverse Life, and City