A travesty of planning proportions

Philosopher Alain de Botton wrote that “bad architecture is a frozen mistake writ large. We owe it to the fields and trees that buildings we cover them with will stand as promises of the highest and most intelligent kinds of happiness.” But the Village Trailer Park is a sad story of 99 low income mobile … Continue reading A travesty of planning proportions


Towards a New Planning Commission

In coming days City Council will fill three positions on the Planning Commission. In political circles, the hubbub on who will ascend to these important seats can be heard over in the next county. How do candidates get nominated? In principle, interested candidates fill out a form and submit it to City Hall. Those forms … Continue reading Towards a New Planning Commission

Santa Monica Housing by the Numbers

There’s been an incessant discussion about Santa Monica’s work/housing imbalance. We hear constant buzz about our urgent need for affordable housing in our city which is already the densest packed beachside city in California. Can our city really satisfy this seemingly insatiable need? Here are a few ways to approximate how much housing we should … Continue reading Santa Monica Housing by the Numbers