Beach Town or ‘Dingbat’ City?

In the late 1950’s, 60’s and into the 70’s, there was an architect in Los Angeles that picked up the sobriquet of Crammin’ Jack. This architect seemingly could cram one unit more than anyone else into any apartment project he was asked to maximize. And he designed a lot of them, two stories, open parking … Continue reading Beach Town or ‘Dingbat’ City?


Our Boulevards… the keys to our City’s Future

“If you want creativity, cut one zero from your budget, if you want sustainability, cut two zeros.” - Jaime Lerner, Brazilian architect, mayor & governor. Santa Monica’s eight boulevards are both the gateways to our City and define its structure. In addition to affording mobility, they also contribute housing, park space and economic opportunity. They … Continue reading Our Boulevards… the keys to our City’s Future