Shape up

Adaptive re-use. Re-purposing. Remodeling. Addition. Re-habilitating. Restoring. All these phrases are terms that describe breathing new life into older buildings. Some developers and building industry professionals talk of buildings as having a fifty year life cycle, because maybe the floor creaks and windows leak, or pipes drip, and energy efficiency is way down. Maybe not … Continue reading Shape up


Toward a better zoning code

The City Council is getting ready to approve a controversial new Zoning Code. Many would describe the currently proposed code as incentivizing development instead of managing it for a more neighborly, sustainable City. While the proposed Zoning Code has many contentious parts, the most significant controversy centers on the Boulevards where the proposed changes will … Continue reading Toward a better zoning code

Too long in length and too short in safeguards for a better City

As a community, we have┬áspent more than six years establishing goals and objectives in defining the LUCE, a new general plan for our city. Then we set out to address the zoning code that codifies and implements the vision in the LUCE, but after five more years, the process failed to produce a document that … Continue reading Too long in length and too short in safeguards for a better City